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GÖZLEME (Turkish Spinach and Cheese Pastry):

gozleme sac

‘Gözleme’ (GOES’-leh-meh) is a traditional Turkish snack and street food made with fresh sheets of ‘yufka’ dough that are rolled out by hand, then spread with delicious, spicy fillings of cheese, spınach and/or seasonal vegetables. Choose your own filling and try our fresh cooked Gözleme.




KALEM BÖREĞİ (Cheese Rolls):

kalem boregi These delicious rolls of fresh ‘yufka’ dough filled with Turkish white cheese, similar to Feta, are good for you and your taste buds. Freshly fried and served warm for the perfect taste..




BÖREK (Layered Yufka (phyllo) and Cheese Pie):


‘Börek’ is made with layers of yufka (homemade phyllo), and is filled with, cheese, spinach or spiced-up mashed potato. Turkish cuisine is famous for its endless varieties of delicious layered pies and pastries, called ‘börek’ (buhr-ECK’).




YAPRAK SARMASI (Stuffed Vine Leaves):  sarma

No dish represents classic Turkish cuisine more than the vegetarian version of the stuffed vine leaf, better known as ‘yaprak sarması’ (yah-PRAK’ sahr-MAH’-suh).

These tender, fragrant packages are made with young grape vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, onion, herbs and spices. A generous amount of olive oil added while cooking.




Potato Salad is an easy and healthy salad, prepared with various greens in addition to potato, makes an excellent addition to a table of Turkish starters or salads. Paprika adds a beautiful color.




KISIR (Cracked Wheat Salad):


If you’re a fan of tabouleh, and other dishes made with bulgur, you’ll love this classic Turkish cold bulgur and vegetable salad called ‘kısır’ (kus-UHR’). Bulgur, sometimes referred to as cracked wheat, is one of the most common ingredients in Turkish cooking.



ZEYTİNYAĞLI TAZE FASULYE (Green Beans with Olive Oil):


A far cry from the crisp-tender green beans of recent fashion, this is a classic example of the popular Ottoman-era dishes called zeytinagli (olive oil), in which vegetables are cooked for a long time in olive oil, then served at room temperature so that the flavors are at their peak.

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