Salads & Olive Oil Dishes

YAPRAK SARMASI (Stuffed vine leaves):


No dish represents classic Turkish cuisine more than the vegetarian version of the stuffed vine leaf, better known as ‘yaprak sarması’ (yah-PRAK’ sahr-MAH’-suh).

These tender, fragrant packages are made with young grape vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, onion, herbs and spices. A generous amount of olive oil added while cooking.






Potato Salad is an easy and healthy salad, prepared with various greens in addition to potato, makes an excellent addition to a table of Turkish starters or salads. Paprika adds a beautiful color.





KISIR (Cracked Wheat Salad)

kisir If you’re a fan of tabouleh, and other dishes made with bulgur, you’ll love this classic Turkish cold bulgur and vegetable salad called ‘kısır’ (kus-UHR’).

Bulgur, sometimes referred to as cracked wheat, is one of the most common ingredients in Turkish cooking.




ZEYTİNYAĞLI TAZE FASULYE (Green Beans with Olive Oil)


A far cry from the crisp-tender green beans of recent fashion, this is a classic example of the popular Ottoman-era dishes called zeytinyağlı (olive oil), in which vegetables are cooked for a long time in olive oil, then served at room temperature so that the flavors are at their peak.






  1. Julia Allison says:

    Hello! I discovered the Turkish food festival in 2015 and look forward to it every year. I have a question… My favorite dish both years so far has been the kisir. Is there any way I could get the recipe?!

    Thanks so much! 🙂
    Julia Allison

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