The key to great, authentic Turkish kebab is in the quality of the meat and the flavor imparted by the marinade. Meat is marinated not only to tenderize and for the perfect taste, but also to get rid of some of the gamey flavor.

TAVUK ŞİŞ (Chicken Shish Kebab):

chickshish‘Tavuk’ (tah-VOOK’) or ‘piliç’ (pee-LEECH’) shish kebab is made with either breast meat or dark meat marinated with oil and special spices for a perfect taste.

Served as a platter or sandwich on pita bread with sliced tomato and onions.




KÖFTE (Turkish style meatballs):

Turkish food kofte

‘Köfte’, (koeuf-TAY’), a mixture of ground beef, different herbs & spices, is a national favorite and the single most popular dish in Turkish cuisine.

The grilled meatballs are served as a platter or sandwich on pita bread with sliced tomato and onions.




LAHMACUN (Lahmajoon/Turkish Pizza):


‘Lahmacun’ (Turkish Pizza), a thin layer of minced lamb or beef, onions, garlic, tomatoes and chopped parsley is spread over the top before it is cooked on a wooden slab in the oven.

Served with lemon wedges to sprinkle on top, parsley and sliced tomato.





DÖNER KEBAP (Turkish Beef/Chicken Gyro):


Seasoned beef or chicken in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical rotisserie, then sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings.

Served wrapped in a flatbread  or on a plate with tomato, onion, and seasonal salads.




ŞİŞ KEBAP (Shish Kebab):


Shish kebab is a signature Turkish meal. Chunks of marinated lamb or beef are laced on the skewers, usually with vegetables, and turned over a coal fire until they’re done to perfection.

Served as a platter or sandwich on a pita bread with sliced tomato and onions.




  1. Thomas Ross says:

    We would LOVE to come down from Heber Springs for your festival! As I’m sure you know, the ethnic food choices here are minimal at best. The only problem is that my entire family are vegetarians and are far as your menu goes it looks like you have just one hot dish (appetizer) that we could eat besides the salads.

    Just thought I would let you know for maybe next year.

    Allah Bağışlasın (hope that’s correct for God Bless). 🙂

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