ETLİ HAVUÇLU PİLAV (Rice with Stew Beef & Carrots):

havuclu pilav

Plov could be considered a pan-Asian dish; whether Uyghur polo, Turkmen plov, Uzbek plov, Indian pulao, Afghan palaw, or Turkish pilaf, the basic idea is the same: rice and oil.
The rice is rich with oil and cumin, big chunks of sweet carrot, and hunks of tender meat. The preparation takes hours.



MANTI (Central Asian Steamed Dumplings):


Manti in most Turkic languages refers to dumplings, but the basic concept of dough stuffed with meat, onion and spices, has spread from Central Asia to the cultures surrounding it. Served with yogurt and roasted red pepper sauce.





If you like Middle Eastern-style ‘kibbe,’ you’ll be sure to enjoy its Turkish counterpart, called ‘içli köfte’ (each-LEE’ kuf-TAY’). ‘Icli kofte’ means ‘filled meatball.’ In Turkish cuisine, a tasty case of bulgur and potato filled with a spicy meat and nut mixture is fried to perfection.





YAPRAK SARMASI (Stuffed vine leaves): 


No dish represents classic Turkish cuisine more than the vegetarian version of the stuffed vine leaf, better known as ‘yaprak sarması’ (yah-PRAK’ sahr-MAH’-suh).

These tender, fragrant packages are made with young grape vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, onions, herbs and spices. A generous amount of olive oil added while cooking.




TAVUKLU NOHUT PİLAV (Rice with Chicken & Chickpeas):

nohutlu pilav

Rice pilaf with chicken and chick peas, or ‘nohutlu pilav’ (no-HOOT’-loo PEE’-lahv-uh), is popular on the streets because it’s very simple to prepare and also packs a lot of energy and nutrients if you’re working hard all day. 
Go ahead and try Turkish rice pilaf with chicken and chick peas for a simple, delicious meal all in one pot.




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