Turkish Food Festival 2015

This event was on April 23, 2015 11:00 am

Need an advanture? Are you ready for an exciting weekend? Then the Turkish Food Festival 2015 awaits you. No need to pack because all you have to do is grab your hat. camera and head to Turkish Raindrop House located at 1501 Market St, 72211 Little Rock. Turkish Food Festival 2014 organized by Raindrop Turkish House is a cultural and historical event that includes exhibitions, food, art craft, performances, dances and live music activities. Thousands of Arkansan people  attend the event each year.

They taste the most delicious and extraordinary Turkish food and drinks. Visitors are drawn into different kinds of food including kebabs and doner (Gyros), various kinds of desserts including baklava. They enjoy Turkish Coffee and Turkish Tea. For Kids, we have play grounds. Come and meet different people around Arkansas. We are looking forward to see you!

Raindrop Turkish House

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