Turkish Food Fest 2019 – September 21st

We will have 9th Annual Turkish Food Fest on September 21st, 2019. The Fest includes great Mediterranean and Central Asian Cuisines that are known to be very rich and have many unique tastes. Some of the dishes will be served are Kebabs, Gyros, Lahmajoon, Kofta, Salads and Olive Oil Dishes, rich variety of desserts, pastries,… View Article

Credit Card Available

Good News!!! You can purchase healthy, delicious, marvelous food for reasonable prices, and now, with credit card.. We’re accepting all major credit cards this year!..

Festival Gallery

Explore several Festival Photos since 2011. We have been organizing several food festivals since 2011 and we are looking forward to see you again! Below you will find the latest pictures about our food festivals.  You are always welcome to all festival events. This annual food festival is for everybody.

Free Admission!

We really enjoyed last year!

Turkish Cuisine

Visit the Turkish Food Festival and enjoy the Turkish Cuisine! Don’t miss this opportunity. Come and taste the most extraordinary food in the world! Explore some of the Turkish Food here!     Chicken Doner Kisir Beef Doner  Potato Salad  Green Beans with Olive Oil   Kofte   Chicken Shish  Lahmacun – Turkish Pizza  Stuffed… View Article

Arts & Crafts

Turkish Ceramic Art Turkish Ceramic Art Ottoman Turks inherited the design and the craftsman ship of Seljuk’s Ceramic arts and developed the techniques of ceramic making. The late 15th and early 16th century marks the beginning of a new period in Ottoman tile and ceramic-making. The most important center active at this time was Iznik…. View Article